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That’s probably because of the big hole in the (b) , which protects us from the sun. In some parts of the planet, there have been terrible (c) that destroyed towns and cities. Meanwhile, in Africa there are terrible (d) because it hasn’t rained for a long time. ZESZYT ĆWICZEŃsavewasteBut in places like the USA and Europe, people (e) water – they use too much, without thinking. It’s important to (f) water, for example by having short showers, not baths. Następnie trzeba jeszcze odpowiedzieć na dwa pytania egzaminatora związane ogólnie z tematyką plakatów czy zdjęć. Na realizację zadania przewidziane jest 5 minut łącznie z przygotowaniem się do odpowiedzi.1 Listening 1.35 Read part of the speaking matura task and listen to three example answers. Tick the one that you think best covers the instructions. TIP Pamiętaj, że w tym zadaniu nie chodzi o opis poszczególnych zdjęć, a o wybór jednego z nich i przedstawienie uzasadnienia, o które jesteś proszony/proszona w poleceniu.W Twojej szkole organizowana jest akcja sprzątania świata. Wyraź swoje zdanie na temat poniższych plakatów zachęcających do udziału w akcji. yy Wybierz ten plakat, który Twoim zdaniem najbardziej zachęca do udziału w akcji. 1TIP W tym zadaniu niezwykle ważne jest wyrażanie własnej opinii.

Use Silvia’s email and the Writing Bank to help you.Write an email with information about yourself to a new e-pal. The dogs in that park don’t look very dangerous.We use a/an to say what somebody’s profession is. He’s an engineer.We also use the to talk about something unique, something that there is only one of. the sun, the government (in a particular country), the worldTheNo article I’ve got a dog. It’s a labrador.We use the with countable (singular and plural) and uncountable nouns. We use it to refer to something or somebody previously mentioned. I’ve got a dog. The dog is really big.We do not use an article with plural countable nouns or uncountable nouns when we are talking about people or things in general.

Dad! (n)       you        (spy) on me again?!Noun suffixes -ment, -ion, -ence 1 Look at these words from the text on page 7. equipment    independence    protection The parts of the word in bold are suffixes. When you finish, think of similar questions to ask. SpeakingWhat do you do on Fridays?3 Complete the sentences with nouns from 2. 1         is the period betweenchildhood and being an adult. 2 He and his brother are very similar. There isn’t a big          between them. 3 The computer is a brilliant         . 4 She doesn’t live with her family. Unit 1 9780230723443_text.indb 99 03/09/2010 12:44Teenagers and parentsInternational cultural knowledge British teenagers and their parents1 Strict parents are parents who have very clear rules for their children to follow and obey.

This just shows how stupid modern society has become. The fact is that it’s more expensive to recycle paper and glass than to make them from new materials. Why don’t we justburn our rubbish? If we burn it, we’ll produce lots of energy. And another thing, recycling really works only if we separate plastic, paper, aluminium etc. Let’s be honest, how many people really do that? Recycling? It’s just a waste … of our time.4 The words in bold in the letter are all linkers. Put them in the correct place in the Writing Bank below. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Harry Macdonald? Why? Make a list of your ideas.1 Recycling may be expensive but it’s better than using new materials. 3 Here is a letter to the editor of the newspaper. Does the reader agree or disagree with Harry Macdonald?